Halawet Raqsena Live 2019
Hong Kong International Egyptian Folklore and Oriental Dance Festival 2019
16th – 20th August, 2019
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

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Master Teacher & Superstars

Osama Emam
Osama Emam is from Cairo where he started as a dancer in the Egyptian National (Kaoumeya) Troupe.  He is currently the choreographer, manager and artistic director of the Kaoumeya Troupe and is one of the world’s leading master teachers and choreographers of Egyptian dance.

Nasra Emam
Nasra Emam, the gem of Cairo, joined the Kaoumeya dance troupe at the age of 15 and later became its principal dancer, choreographer and instructor.  Her performances show the grace, power and joy of Egyptian oriental dance. She has been invited to many international dance festivals as a performer, to conduct workshops and to judge international competitions.

Raed AbdElghany
A native of Cairo, Raed Abdelghany discovered his passion for dance at age seventeen. He trained in classical ballet and folkloric dance, and subsequently graduated from one of Egypt’s top folkloric dance schools.

Raed has many significant accomplishments in the last 22 years, from joining the National Troupe of Egypt in 1997, becoming a soloist Master of el-Tanoura (spinning dance with a weighted skirt) in 2000, to founding his own troupe (Ya Nawaem Troupe) and teaching folkloric and oriental dance in 2010, and later receiving the distinguished appointment as Artistic Director of the International Festival of Oriental dances (“Bab Al Noujoum”) held annually in France. In 2017, Raed founded the Live Arabesque Company to develop and manage the World Oriental Dance Festival “Live Arabesque Festival” in Dubai.

Today, Raed is considered one of the great masters of el-Tanoura and he s a highly sought after Egyptian folkloric choreographer.

Master Teacher – Kamelia Eskandarania
Kamelia is a Master Teacher of great versatility, and is equally talented dancing both classical and modern style, having studied oriental dance since childhood under some of the greatest legends of oriental dance from different eras and then adding her own signature flair. Working in Alexandria (a coastal city in Egypt which is the central hub attracting the greatest artists in Egypt) for the past 10 years has further cemented her mastery of this ancient art and her standing as one of the most respected and in-demand teachers of today. Kamelia’s talent has been showcased in top venues both nationwide in Egypt and internationally, and she is renowned for her passion and the depth of emotion in her dance. She is regularly invited to perform, host workshops and to serve as a judge in high profile dance festivals and competitions.

Master Teacher – Anett Kecskeméti Kahena
Kahena is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher from Hungary. She has a considerably diversified background, and is equally flawless in ballet, jazz-ballet, show dance, hip-hop and cabaret dance styles. Her personal style can be summarized as dynamic, fresh, fun and in balance.

Since 2003, Kahena has become addicted to oriental dance. She quickly mastered the technique and is recognized for her authentic Egyptian style and expression. Since then, she has become a force to be reckoned with on the competitive circuit, winning the title of Queen of Miss Bellydance Hungary in 2010 and many other international competitions.

Nowadays, she is one of the master teachers of the Nile Group Festival Cairo, and she is a regular guest star, teacher, judge and gala performer in many festivals in Europe, China and Japan.


Accordion – Reda Saad
Reda was born into a musician family in Egypt, as his father played accordion and the piano. Following his father’s footsteps, Reda started performing since the age of 14, and has, over time, achieved world-wide recognition as one of the top musicians in the industry as an accomplished composer, accordionist and band leader. A true pioneer, he has composed music for countless all-star dancers including Samia Gamal and Nagwa Fouad, and continues to be well sought-after worldwide. It is our privilege to be his host in Hong Kong.

Keyboard – Mohamed Reda
Mohamed was born into a musician family. His father, Reda Saad, is one of the best musicians in the Middle East. Mohamed has played keyboard since childhood and started work in Egypt in 2008. Since then, he has become a renowned pianist and has led his band to more then 30 countries for international dance festivals. His diverse repertoire ranging from classics to modern music has played a pivotal role in the recent development of oriental music and dance worldwide.

Drum – Magdy Aly
One of the best drummers in Egypt, Magdy has been performing all around the world since 1987, has worked with many star dancers in Egypt such as Fifi Abdou. His “magic hands” takes his audience on a journey of joy and elation, and is the binding force reconnecting history and time, music, dance and culture. His divine and passionate performance in Hong Kong last year was beyond description and cemented his world-class reputation as being second to none.

Vocalist – Magdy Elhosiny
Known as “the golden voice of Egypt”, Magdy has been a professional singer since 1995, and is known for his enchanting and melodic voice and depth of expression. His mesmerizing performance and stage presence has earned him a huge following wherever he has travelled, as his powerful yet vulnerable voice touches your very soul and nobody can resist opening their hearts to his performance. His versatile style and ability to sing a wide range of different songs from classic and folkloric to Shaabi and Khalegee has allowed him to work with many dancers of different styles and cultural backgrounds both locally and in many international Bellydance festivals. We are so honored to have him back in HongKong this August

Costume Deisgner – Mamdouh Morise of Magic Dance Atelier

Mamdouh has followed his passion for costume design since 1998, when he entered into the field as a designer of wedding dresses and belly dance costumes. After many years perfecting his craft, he is now celebrated as one of the most famous designers of oriental dance costumes and haute couture in Egypt and the Middle East. He has had the privilege of designing and making costumes for many of the stars of Egyptian dance, including such household names as Randa Kamel, Khaled Mahmoud, Mercedes Nieto, Nabila Karin and Kazafy. He has also been the costume designer for the Kazafy troupe for many of their foreign excursions to Europe. Mamdouh continues to demonstrate his creativity by creating new and unique costumes for oriental dancers and regularly participates in many Arabic and international oriental and folklore dance festivals in Egypt and worldwide.

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