Osama Emam

General Director, National Folkloric Dance Troupe of Egypt (Kaumeya)

Osama Emam, currently serving as General Director of the Kaumeya Troupe, is undeniably the leader in today’s Egyptian folk dance community.

Osama entered the Egyptian National Troupe Dance Academy at a very young age in 1973.  After 3 years of hard work, he was recruited into the National Folkloric Dance Troupe of Egypt (Kaumeya), and began his illustrious dance career.

Years later, Osama took a leap and left his place of origin, to broaden his horizons. For 5 years, he joined his mentors in overseas performances in London, Switzerland and many more places in Europe. After that, he returned home to the Kaumeya National Troupe. He had then also formed his own dance troupe, and had choreographed songs and dance routines for many films.

Osama has led the Kaumeya National Troupe in cultural exchanges around the world. Apart from being an outstanding dancer and an inspiring teacher, he places great emphasis on the expression of the cultural origins of the different music and folk dances. He currently performs, teaches and judges both domestically and internationally, and fervently promotes Egyptian dance culture.